Karate for Kids Program at Prime Martial Arts in Bethlehem


Prime Martial Arts offers a welcoming family facility dedicated to developing mental and physical life skills through karate and martial arts classes for kids and adults. Our state of the art facility located in the Lehigh Valley is the best environment for you or your children to experience martial arts. Our martial arts curriculum balances fun and innovative self defense methods with important life skills like discipline, confidence, and persistence.


We offer kids' karate classes and mixed martial arts training for children and adults at our training facility on Nazareth Pike in Bethlehem. 

The Prime Martial Arts training style is simple but effective. We give our best to every student we train, whether that student is seven or 70. Our students have wide- ranging goals. Some karate students strive to become well versed in martial arts. Other students want to improve their overall health and fitness. No matter what goals you hope to accomplish through martial arts training, we can help you achieve them in an environment that ensures success.

Prime Martial Arts does not focus on competitions. Our children's karate class students focus on being the best they can be. We help them become confident in themselves by building a foundation of knowledge and expertise. Kids who study at Prime Martial arts learn how to stand up for themselves and others in times of need. 

Prime Martial Arts blends a mix of various martial arts styles into each session, so you don’t have to learn different techniques in different classes. Students in our classes discover improved focus, mental strength, and confidence which helps them shine both in and out of the studio.

Students study a mix of stand up striking methods and ground defense systems that work well together in any self-defense situation. In children's martial arts classes, we teach Tae Kwon Do kicking techniques that have been proven effective for centuries. We also teach kids (and adults) Jujitsu-based techniques. When students study mixed martial arts, rather than focusing on one discipline, they can a more well rounded karate school experience. That's why so many parents say Prime Martial Arts is the best martial arts studio in Bethlehem! 


Prime Martial Arts studio owner Joe Kortbawi has one goal; to provide the best kids mixed martial arts classes in Bethlehem. 

Kortbawi is the head instructor. He teaches kids' karate lessons and children's martial arts classes. He also offers programs for adults to learn mixed martial arts and fitness skills.

Hello! Thank you for visiting to learn more about Prime Martial Arts Studio in Bethlehem!

I started training early in 1991 and fell in love with martial arts right away. Shortly after I started, I was offered a job with the school I was training in and worked my way up through all different roles of the organization finally to instructor. I had the opportunity to work with and learn quite a bit from some great people over the years about how to teach, what to teach and how to run a great martial arts school.

As a father of two and with many, many years of teaching martial arts, I have an understanding that most children just want to have fun in training. Parents want kids' karate classes and martial arts lessons to teach focus, discipline, confidence and more. The same goes for adults interested in learning about martial arts.

I have developed a teaching style that accommodates what children, parents, and adult students want from martial arts. I still continue my own martial arts training and development today by being a student of the arts and absorbing as much as I can to have the ability to pass my knowledge onto others.

I truly believe that martial arts have something to benefit everyone. So, reach your PRIME potential by visiting the best martial arts studio in the Lehigh Valley; Prime Martial Arts!